We rely on the classic three-pillar model:

Wirtschaft / Ökonomie


To secure long-term and lasting economic returns for companies and to survive in an economic competition.

Umwelt / Ökologie

environment / ecology

The basic principles of resource recovery and resource efficiency: Consume less raw materials than can be regenerated.

Gesellschaft / Soziales

society / social affairs

Responsibility, participation, solidarity and justice.


The three value dimensions of companies:

Hidden values of companies are always the subject of our consulting, in order to enable further scaling and growth potentials to ensure the sustainable success of the company. The focus on sustainability now holds an additional dimension of its own to increase the value of the company.

Core Value

core value

The classic perspective on the company.

Non-Core Value

non-core value

Hidden values exist in every company. Identifying and implementing these results in the non-core value of a company. This perspective was and is part of Licennium's consulting services.

sSustainability Value

sustainability value

Sustainability is an independent dimension of value. It includes the fundamental and holistic expansion of corporate management in all three areas of the economy, ecology and social affairs.


Our aim is not only to identify and trigger sustainable innovation processes, but also to accompany them in a goal-oriented manner. Our focus is on the three most important innovation drivers in companies:

  • the business models
  • the products, technologies and services as well as the
  • process-, management system- and digitization strategies

All three innovation drivers offer enormous potential for a company-wide and cross-company sustainability strategy.


business models

According to our approach, the building blocks of business models comprise the respective customer segments, the basic value proposition, the added value and the earnings mechanics based on it.

Produkte, Technologien, Dienstleistungen

products, technologies, services

The level of products, technology and services does not only refer to the concrete offer, but in particular to the development and production as well as to the possible extended application contexts.

Managementsysteme & Prozesse

management systems & processes

On the basis of the management system perspectives of quality, environment, energy and occupational health and safety, the three levels of sustainability can be represented and controlled stringently and pragmatically in the company. At the same time, this provides the essential impetus for internal and external digitization options.