Resource efficiency is THE key parameter for operational sustainability.

Resource efficiency is always associated with dematerialization, the saving of materials used, energy, raw materials, consumables and supplies, and thus often meets the largest cost block in companies. The continuous optimization of resource efficiency in economic, ecological and social terms forms the core of operational, corporate sustainability management.
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Resource efficiency is the cornerstone of the circular economy and sustainability.
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Hardly any other topic represents the original references of sustainability more vividly than the savings of materials or energy in the production process. In the area of tension between economy, ecology and social issues, the efficient use of resources is something of a template for how sustainability can balance the three aspects. Another, next level of this efficiency perspective lies in the circular economy.
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The systematic recording of resources based on our STValue-Grid.

With our STValue we systematically record possible resources that can be saved and at the same time establish their references to the three sustainability aspects and the relevant drivers. Thus, we create an optimal system integration for the topic of resource efficiency in the system of sustainability and possible monitoring approaches.

STValue Template

Map of resource efficiency options.

With our approach STValue we evaluate possible resource efficiency options in your company and initially compile them without quantitative models as a kind of map for your company. In a second step, we provide you with a KPI structure with the efficiency improvements that can be derived from it. At the end of the process, you will have a strategy plan for the upcoming transformation steps in which we support you.

In our resource efficiency projects, we work together with funding institutions and can design attractive project approaches on this basis.

Resource efficiency

Your benefits


The topic of resource efficiency has a direct impact on two of the sustainable value drivers: efficiency increase and cost savings.


We develop a map of possible resource savings for you - you decide the implementation dynamics.


Our qualitative methods are designed to involve many of your employees - this creates enthusiasm and participation for the transformation process right from the start.

Positively influence the value of your company and its resilience.

Increasing resource efficiency has a direct link to the value of your company. Improved cost structures and process chains reduce costs and risks with a resounding effect on the bottom line. The resilience of your company is also strengthened, as interdependencies change, among other things.

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Increase your resource efficiency.

You want to have detailed questions of your sustainability strategy analysed?

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