We are united by the conviction that only sustainability can ensure long-term entrepreneurial success.

Lilli Sauer

Resource efficiency, transformation, strategy, B2B

Curiosity, enthusiasm, a change of perspective and commitment - that's me.

As a textile and industrial engineer, I have always been fascinated by both technical and economic contexts. My entire professional life is characterized by networking and change: interactive, interdisciplinary, international, intercultural. Whether as a Global Key Account Manager in Automotive Supply, as a Managing Director in the field of software/hardware solutions for automation and IOT or as a management consultant for SMEs and corporations, my 30 years of experience in a wide variety of tasks and industries have an intersection of experience: strategy development, business processes, transformation, efficiency enhancement and communication.

I am convinced that the world needs change and vitality for sustainable growth. I feel an ever-growing passion to contribute my diverse expertise to the necessary transformation in companies and organizations. Whether through the use of proven methods, new approaches or the development of individual solutions, it is important to me to meet clients where they are and to accompany them on their transformation journey in such a way that real added value is created for them.

Das gelingt an der Seite eines starken, kompetenten und erfahrenen Partnerunternehmens. Nachhaltigkeit als Betriebssystem der Zukunft: Das hat mich überzeugt.

By the way: I like diversity in life when words match actions, and dancing - that's me too.

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Lilli Sauer

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