»How to fundamentally reduce my inputs in production and lay the foundation for the circular economy.«

Hardly any other topic represents the original references of sustainability more vividly than the savings of materials, raw materials and supplies or energy in the production process. In the hierarchy of relevant topics, resource efficiency represents the first level of sustainability.
In the area of tension between economy, ecology and social issues, the efficient use of resources is somewhat of a template for how sustainability can balance the three aspects. Another, next level of this efficiency perspective lies in the circular economy.

Strong funding backdrop in NRW

In NRW, we work very closely with the Effizienzagentur NRW on our resource efficiency projects. We are a proven partner consultancy in the network for the areas of resource efficiency and business field expansion. Together with the Effizienzagentur, we can design attractive project approaches for our customers and implement associated measures.

Modular performance standards for an optimal result.

In addition to the classic PIUS check including the micro and macro analyses, we also use we also use our own tools, such as the STvalue Grid, which we have developed for which we have developed for risk analysis, among other things. With this setup and in close cooperation with the Efficiency Agency, we systematically record potential resources that can be saved and derive the necessary measures for you.

In a second step, we provide you with a KPI structure with the efficiency improvements that can be derived from it. In this way, we create possible monitoring approaches and optimal system integration for the topic of resource efficiency in the context of sustainability.

We will support you in the upcoming transformation steps and design possible possible funding and financing options together with our network.

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Your benefits


The topic of resource efficiency has a direct impact on two of the sustainable value drivers: increasing efficiency and saving costs.


We develop a map of possible resource savings for you - you decide the implementation dynamics.


Our qualitative methods are designed to involve many of your employees - this creates enthusiasm and participation for the transformation process right from the start.

Initial Assessments

  • Initial Assessment — Status Quo

    Sustainability mapping: Where do future, sustainable fields of action arise?

  • Initial Assessment — Risk

    Risk identification and prevention: What risks should the company prepare for and how?

  • Initial Assessment — Growth

    Asset analysis on the growth options that may arise based on sustainability. Initial quantification approaches to evaluate these options.


Increase your resource efficiency

Contact us now to arrange an individual consultation and structure the topic of sustainability for your company.