Effectiveness & added value – concentrating on the »right things«, from the raw materials to the structure of added value, guarantees socially, economically and ecologically valuable cycles.

Effectiveness in raw materials, components, materials and value creation: we analyze your current status quo and work with you to develop effective approaches for your company. As trained systemic coaches, we accompany you as partners in your transformation.

Effectiveness is the basic pattern for sustainable transformation

In accordance with the declaration of 30.03.2022 on the European Green Deal, sustainable products are to become the norm in the EU. This also includes the promotion of a genuine circular economy. In order to avoid risks, it therefore makes a lot of sense to initiate the first steps towards a transformation based on effectiveness today.

1960 1980 2000 2020 2030Growth "...at any price"Efficiency "Doing things the right way"Globalization "Doing things right and globally"Effectivity»Doing the right thing

Our approach is based on the cradle to cradle principle

Cradle to cradle (C2C) means »from the cradle to the cradle«. It is the approach for a consistent, holistic circular economy: at the end of a product's life cycle, all raw materials and components used should be able to be returned to the production process or biological cycle in their entirety and with the same value. In the technical cycle, consumer goods are broken down into so-called technical nutrients after fulfilling their function and enable the production of new consumer goods with as little loss of quality as possible.

ProductionProductionTechnical nutrientsProductsTechnical cycleUsageReturnDismantlingPlantsProductsUsageBiological decompositionBiological nutrientsBiological cycle

Green licensing: an effective form of value creation

With our own approach, we also integrate the third dimension of sustainability – ecology – into the traditional business model and thus create the conditions for sustainable growth without stationary limitations. Licensing as a full service is the basic building block of our consulting in our network. With our experience, we bring our clients' ideas to the market in a sustainable way. In doing so, we build on over 20 years of experience.

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Participative management systems: effective internal value creation

Effectiveness – doing the right things. The basis for the operationalization of CSRD-compliant sustainability in the company lies in the integrated management system landscapes and the associated KPI structures. What is right for the organization also applies here in terms of employee participation in the design of operational sustainability management. As trained auditors, we use our interactive Q.wiki tool to create the conditions for the transformation and implementation of effective management systems.

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