Licennium Partners is a consultancy with a highly networked structure of experts. This enables us to guarantee our clients access to a powerful, up-to-date knowledge base for topics and sectors. We derive transformation topics from the regulatory framework and implement them together with you.

Regulation & compliance – implementation is about knowing what it is about, what is essential and how the data is generated.

The path to CSRD compliance is complex and needs a good start. We therefore build on a careful analysis of the status quo. As a network consultancy, we also integrate the optimal digital tools into the initial process.

GovernanceStrategyManagement of impacts, risks & opportunitiesMeasured variables & targetsEvironmentTOPIC-SPECIFIC STANDARDSCROSS-SECTIONAL STANDARDSSocialGovernanceESRS 2General informationsESRS 1General requirementsESRS E1Climate changeESRS E2PollutionESRS E3Water/marine RessourcesESRS S2Employees in the value chainESRS S1Own workforceESRS G1Business conductESRS E4Biodiversity/EcosystemESRS S3Affected communitiesESRS E5CircularEconomyESRS S4Consumer/end user

Resource efficiency – the gradual decoupling of growth and emissions is the first step towards circularity.

Reducing materials, energy and costs: we identify your potential and work with you to implement tailored measures. As an experienced partner of the Effizienz-Agentur NRW, we design the projects with the help of an attractive funding framework - in NRW.

Circular economy – thinking from the beginning, from production to new business models, enables economic growth with lower material consumption.

Recycling of products, components and materials: together with you, we develop approaches within the so-called R-strategies. As an experienced partner of the Effizienz-Agentur NRW, we also design these projects with the help of an attractive funding framework - in NRW.

re-use, re-cycle, re-furbish etc.OPERATING MODELS Adapting the business modelsBUSINESS MODELS

Effectiveness & added value – concentrating on the 'right things', from the raw materials to the structure of added value, guarantees socially, economically and ecologically valuable cycles.

Raw materialsMaterialsComponents

Effectiveness in raw materials, components, materials and value creation: we analyze your current status quo and work with you to develop effective approaches for your company. As trained systemic coaches, we accompany you as partners in your transformation. These projects can also be mapped within the funding framework of the Effizienz-Agentur NRW and designed by us.

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