Communication in sustainability does not mean "greenwashing".

More than ever before, it is true for sustainability-oriented companies that their corporate strategy, business activities and products offer new opportunities for communication. The aim is to meet the expectations of stakeholders in order to continuously improve the company's reputation. The process of focusing on sustainability offers a growing number of communication opportunities. When communicated in a targeted manner, these measures create trust, customer loyalty and increased attractiveness as an employer.

Not communicating for fear of a "greenwashing" accusation is not a solution. Synchronizing communication and actual action within the framework of sustainable communication is therefore our approach and our passion.
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Corporate responsibility must be told.
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We create concepts for you and support you in the strategic implementation of your internal and external communication measures. As an overarching strategy, we work along the lines of the reputation model of the Reputation Institute in New York. The model identifies five reputation drivers: Products & Services, Corporate Responsibility, Strategy & Leadership, Workplace Conditions and Economic Strength. The topic of sustainability is reflected in particular as corporate responsibility, but should also be considered and communicated with all other reputation drivers.
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Sustainability creates communicative resilience.

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Sustainability increases the resilience of your company. With a tried and tested three-step process for crisis prevention, we also increase your communicative resilience. To this end, we systematically identify the risks and crisis potential of your company, outline preventive measures to avoid crises and prepare you for acute crises in order to overcome them professionally and minimize risk.

Your benefits


We have over 20 years of experience in strategic communications consulting and crisis communication.


Our communication team is part of the sustainable strategy consulting and thus offers you a further perspective and view on the topic of communication in the context of sustainability.


Our analysis and selection methods are designed to involve many of your employees - this creates enthusiasm for the transformation process right from the start.

Communicate sustainability correctly, create trust

Do you want to identify suitable communication topics or exchange views on sustainability strategy?

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