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Jens Schröder

Science journalist, media manager, podcast producer

I'm one of those people who knew at least roughly what they wanted to do for a living from an early age: I wanted to tell stories. After my studies (political science, economics, law), I went into the obvious field of journalism and attended the Henri Nannen School in Hamburg.

I found my first editor's job at GEO in 2001 - and also my somewhat unexpected love for (natural) scientific topics, or rather: for telling stories about scientific topics, about hero's journeys in the laboratory or during archaeological excavations, about the incredible power of tiny atoms or genes, about the hardships of the research level and the exhilaration of the eureka moment. This enthusiasm has not waned over 20 years, even though I have been able to move more and more into journalism management tasks, from 2016 to 2023 in the traditional roles of editor-in-chief of the GEO, National Geographic Germany and P.M. magazine brands.

Little by little, I found out: there are also other types of stories that are worth telling: stories about the transformation of companies, about tackling challenges, about pioneers on the way to a sustainable economy. Stories make even the driest of regulations („Supply Chain Sustainability Act“...) digestible; and stories and protagonists also give the „circular economy“ faces, excitement and an almost sensual appeal. These kinds of stories can be found in the work of Licennium Partners, which has appealed to me ever since I got to know the two partners during the joint development of the „GEO CIRCLEFY“ seal.

And what else? My still relatively new love is storytelling in podcasts. Since 2018, I've been one of the authors and hosts of the Audible original podcast „Tell me, you as a physicist“ – where we talk about the physics behind EVERYTHING from refrigerators to quantum chromodynamics. Surprisingly, this podcast has become the most listened to in-house production on Audible... with physics of all things! People also seem to enjoy stories about scurrying electrons and merciless thermodynamics, and yes, the energy transition too.

Since 2023, I have therefore been co-managing director of the podcast label „Studio Feynstein“, with which we want to develop many more such audio stories.

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Jens Schröder

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