We are united by the conviction that only sustainability can ensure long-term entrepreneurial success.

Florian Wagner

Managing Partner, Founder & Systemic Business Coach (certified)
Business modeling, circular economy, corporate effectiveness strategy, transformation

Before founding Licennium in 2007, I held various management positions in the media industry. Both as an employee and as an entrepreneur, I have always been involved in tasks that involved the development of further growth areas and fundamental strategic issues.

The 10 years I previously spent in the media industry originated in my earlier career aspiration to become a journalist. This, in turn, led me to start my own publishing company while I was still a student. A journalist from ARD, who interviewed my father, advised me at the time to study one or two subjects in order to be as broadly positioned as possible as a journalist.

I didn't become a journalist, perhaps because my writing talent was insufficient, but perhaps also because I found an enthusiasm for making things happen as an entrepreneur.

The curiosity associated with being a journalist still helps me today with the ability to think out-of-the-box.

It is my experiences and education between economics (business administration) and sociology that have been a kind of cipher for turning to sustainability for me. As an entrepreneur, economist and consultant, it has become my core belief to see sustainability as a kind of new operating system with enhanced tools and functions. It's about adding business value, about resilience, about resource efficiency, and about aligning an organization around effectiveness. Developing, operationalizing and implementing these options is my understanding of sustainable transformation consulting.

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Florian Wagner

Managing Partner, Founder & Systemic Business Coach (certified)
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