Sustainability is the new operating system.

The introduction of an operational sustainability management system opens up the opportunity to transform both newly introduced and existing management system landscapes into a digitalized, interactive environment. Participation, agility and open knowledge management in combination with integrated quality, environmental, energy and occupational safety management systems form the basis for an operational KPI-based sustainability management.
We provide the technological and content-related basis for the hitherto insurmountable hurdle of merging operational practice with the standards and management system level. With our exclusive partnership with Modell Aachen GmbH and its market-leading instrument, we guarantee optimal performance for your operational sustainability management.
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Digitalized processes are the prerequisite for a sustainable increase in the value of a company
Sustainability requires a new control architecture in companies, which is essentially about reconciling ecological, economic and social issues. Such a balance is not a fixed status, but a target-performance comparison adapted to the respective circumstances in the sense of a continuous improvement process. Participation in the process, the immanent monitoring and control of the process are essential task dimensions of a sustainable process digitization.
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The systematic collection of building blocks on our STValue-Grid.

With our STValue-Grid we systematically capture possible process levels that can be optimized on the basis of digitalization. In doing so, we concentrate on the three main innovation drivers and establish the relation to the three sustainability dimensions.

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Systematically towards process digitization.

With our approach STValue we first evaluate possible digitalization scenarios for your company. This is done on the basis of a previously conducted process analysis and within the framework of our exclusive system partnerships in this environment. In a second step, we prioritize the individual components of the scenarios and provide you with a basis for decision making based on a coordinated investment planning. We support you in the implementation of your digitalization strategy.


Your benefits


We think about process digitization systemically from the very beginning about all aspects of sustainability, with reference to the most important drivers in the company We synchronize your management system landscape with your operational practice.


We are not a technology boutique, but pursue selected system approaches that we tailor to your needs. We pass this experience on to you.


Our analysis and selection methods are designed to involve many of your employees - this creates enthusiasm and participation for the transformation process from the very beginning.

Optimized, digitally controlled processes are in themselves building blocks in their own right for high corporate value.

The basis for successful management system and process digitization is a precise analysis of the existing system and process landscapes. This analysis results in optimization approaches that are consolidated and expanded using digital instruments. It is thus an immanent effect of the occupation with processes that from it an enormous contribution for the enterprise value and the Resilienz can be derived.

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Let us talk about digitalization.

Contact us now to arrange an individual consultation and structure the topic of sustainability for your company.

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