Licensing is a sustainable business model.

We have 20 years of experience for this business model.

The basic idea of the "licensing" business model is and has always been the integration of external market participants in the value creation of thecompany's own technologies, products or intellectual property rights. This network of licensees almost inevitably results in resource and efficiency gains. Each participating partner passes on its economies of scale and special know-how to the licensing subject. A form of participation culture with a platform character emerges from which collective knowledge is generated. To market a theme as a community is the core idea of licensing.
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Growth without stationary limitation

In license management, we offer a full-service consulting spectrum based on our experience. We identify licenseable projects and develop a comprehensive licensing strategy. On this basis, we design the license distribution for you, which can extend to downstream monitoring and collection.
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Your benefits


We have over 20 years of experience in the design of licensing strategies and their implementation in sales.


An international network is at your disposal for license sales.


Transformation means for us also the coaching of your employees. This involves many colleagues - this creates enthusiasm and participation for the transformation process.

We are measured by implementation.
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"Greenwashing" is the stigmatization of a pure confessional strategy without a substantial transformation performance. This judgment is not precise enough for us. Only a commitment can lead to a process of understanding and, based on that, a process of transformation. It is our claim to accompany this process with strategic input and a transformation based on it.
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Transformation needs flexibility

Do you have a specific problem in implementing your strategy?

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