»How I structure sustainable action so that it becomes a living system in an organization.«

The complexity of managing sustainability has increased significantly in recent years. Our image of sustainability as the operating system of the future is therefore very accurate. After all, sustainability also requires a new management architecture in companies, which is essentially about reconciling the issues of ecology, economy and social issues in a way that can also be operationalized. Such a balance is not a fixed status, but a target-performance comparison adapted to the respective circumstances in the sense of a continuous improvement process.
This complexity also has its counterpart in the development and management of the CSR strategy. We advocate the philosophy of organizational management via integrated, interactive management systems to reduce the complexity and accompany you from this perspective.

We structure your sustainability performance

Sustainable starting points exist in every company. The need to structure to structure, supplement or optimize them arises from the general conditions framework conditions, market opportunities or reputation options.

We advise you in the design of your individual CSR framework, create the process requirements and accompany you during the transformation. In principle this process is based on the five building blocks:

Development - the basis for this is an organization-specific materiality analysis

Optimization - from this we develop your individual roadmap

Transformation - we accompany you during the transformation, inside and outside

Monitoring - we implement an interactive management system landscape for you

Rating - we optimize your market-critical ratings such as ECOVADIS

Materiality analysisCode of ConductCSR regulations and ratings (Ecovadis, UNGC, etc.)Management approa-ches (DIN EN ISO 9001/14001/45001/50001/37301 and others)Interactive, integrated sustainability management CSR communication(SDGs, GRI, ISO 26000, etc.)Development & ImplementationIdentification, Integration & Optimisation Identification & Definition Transformation & ImplementationDevelopment & Implementation

The roadmap of your CSR strategy

Together with our network, we will create an individual roadmap for you and accompany you during the transformation.

Materiality & gap analysis

Market critical ratings


Code of Conduct

Management approaches


Integrated management systems

Reporting standards

Communication standards

Communication canvas

Communication strategy

Agile sustainability management

Your benefits


The individual roadmap creates the framework for the broader strategy with the subsequent transformation.


Our home base is in the ISO High Level structure.


Our qualitative methods are designed to involve many of your employees - this creates participation and enthusiasm for the transformation process right from the start.

Initial Assessments

  • Initial Assessment — Status Quo

    Sustainability mapping: Where do future, sustainable fields of action arise?

  • Initial Assessment — Risk

    Risk identification and prevention: What risks should the company prepare for and how?

  • Initial Assessment — Wachstum

    Asset analysis on the growth options that may arise based on sustainability. Initial quantification approaches to evaluate these options.


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