The focus of our consulting and implementation projects is always on the long-term increase of the company value. This perspective also determines our view of sustainability.

experience of innovation and digitization

We have over 30 years of expertise in the development, use and implementation of innovative technologies and business models as well as disruptive process and digitization strategies.

competence in management systems

For more than 15 years we have been dealing with management systems in the field of DIN EN ISO regulations and the associated digital control tools. This know-how is a central instrument in sustainability management.

strong in implementation

Licennium defines itself from the outset as a consulting firm that actively participates in the implementation of growth strategies. To this day, our pragmatic view of the benefits for our clients and their projects has been shaped by this.

international network

On the basis of the implementation mandates, we have been able to build up an international alliance of solution partners since 2007. In Europe and Asia, we are positioned with a defined network of partners.


Our aim is to trigger innovation processes and to accompany them in the long term. This wealth of experience and knowledge forms the basis of our empathy for change management in the context of "sustainability".

the management

Florian Wagner

Florian Wagner, managing partner & founder

Florian Wagner is the founder of the Licennium. He lives in Cologne and studied business administration and sociology at the University of Cologne. After his studies, he worked for Bertelsmann and the Holtzbrinck Group for a total of 10 years. Since his time with the magazine group GEO, he has been working on the topic of sustainability. For more than 20 years, he has been responsible for business models, business development and the enhancement of corporate values. He also has extensive expertise in the international licensing business. His skills lie in strategic thinking.

As a border crosser, he develops new, expanded business options from existing structures.

Lars Donath

Lars Donath, managing partner & auditor

Lars Donath is a partner of the Licennium. He lives in Cologne and studied civil engineering and business administration in Aachen and Hanover. After his studies and his first professional position at Preussag, Lars Donath managed a family-owned logistics and wholesale company in the energy supply industry in Cologne and Minden/Westphalia for 14 years. For over 20 years, he has stood for IT/ERP business process management and process digitization and has developed his own supply chain digitization tool. He has also acquired the DIN EN ISO series of standards and is a trained DGQ auditor.

Management systems and the associated business processes form the core of his thinking and acting.