We have developed our consulting approach ST Value on the basis of our many years of experience in connection with an intensive engagement with the topic of sustainability. Our consulting perspective is based on three pillars:

a classic understanding of sustainability

a differentiation of the existing value dimensions into companies and

an understanding of transformation for the most important innovation drivers in companies


We believe that -regardless of the traditional due diligence perspective- hidden values, unused sustainability options, exist in every company. The core of our consulting approach is to identify, evaluate and implement those.

We concentrate on the three most important drivers of innovation and sustainability without losing sight of the human factor:


business models

Produkte, Technologien, Dienstleistungen

products / technologies / services

Managementsysteme & Prozesse

management systems & processes

This systematically results in multiple, possible fields of action from which the starting points for sustainability transformation can be derived with a clearly defined benefit promise and a long-term improvement in organisational performance.

taskcloud template

Taskcloud Template